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The cup is up for grabs in the third edition of the OHEIT Games (formerly the OUCC Games)! Schools will compete in a tournament-style competition. This year, the games will be done in two parts. The first will be outdoors on our Outdoor Challenge Course (Tango Tower) and the second will be a Trivia Game Challenge!

Part 1

The outdoor portion of the OHEIT Games will take place on Tuesday, May 22nd from 3:00-6:00pm on the outdoor challenge course. Be sure to arrive early to give yourself enough time to tackle the various challenges while collecting points that can help your university hoist the OHEIT Cup!

This course has something for everyone, regardless of physical ability or fitness level. The many elements of the course (both on the ground and along the tower) makes it accessible to everyone.

*In the event of poor weather, the team outdoor activity will be held indoors.

Part 2

The second half of the OHEIT Games will be in the form of a Trivia Game Challenge where the attendees from the various institutions will all be able to participate from their smartphones. A variety of trivia questions will be asked throughout the evening and for each correct answer points will be allocated toward your teams total.

It is important to note that points will be deducted from your teams total for any incorrect answers as well as additional points will be allocated for those that answer more rapidly.

The trivia game will begin at 8:00pm during the reception on Tuesday evening where all attendees will have a live look at the standings as the numerous universities battle it out to be named winners of the OHEIT Cup!

The Stampeders

We are excited to announce The Stampeders will be live at OHEIT 2018!

Kim Berly, Rich Dodson, AND Ronnie King, were one of Canada’s top rock groups in the early 70’s, having won Juno Awards in the categories ‘Best Group,’ ‘Best Single,’ ‘Best Producer’ and ‘Best Composer’ for their platinum single, Sweet City Woman. Their other hits include Carry Me, Devil You, Wild Eyes, Oh My Lady, Then Came The White Man, Minstrel Gypsy, Playing In The Band, Hit The Road Jack, New Orleans, Monday Morning Choo Choo And Keep Me Running Wild, to name just a few.

Hailing from Calgary Alberta, the Stampeders went on to become a household name between 1971 and 1976, with four songs reaching Top-30 in the U.S and ten Top-5 singles in Canada. They recorded nine albums, many achieving gold and platinum status. Sweet City Woman has since become a classic and a standard in the world of pop music. In a recent poll, it was voted one of the Top-10 most-recognizable songs of the 70’s.

Picture of The Stampeders
Picture of The Stampeders
Current Picture of The Stampeders
Picture of The Stampeders